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Virtual CTO & IT Consultancy Services for Business

In recent years, technology has increased enormously in its complexity and importance. To deal with this, most large companies have a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), whose job is to not only maximize the company's investment in technology but also use technology as an enabler to create business impact and drive business transformation.

Small and Mid-sized businesses, SMEs and MSMEs are no less dependent on technology. They need a person with the same level of knowledge, education, and skills to make intelligent decisions. However, the cost for a full-time CTO can be prohibitive. This is where our ‘IT Consulting’ services can change the course of business for these enterprises - by serving as their Virtual CTO.

The Virtual CTO will not only assist on Business Software and IT Solutions but also advice on hardware and serve as a conduit between clients and vendors. Third party applications can be further optimized and maintained and Business Intelligence (BI) Services will be actioned giving smaller businesses an equal chance for technological advantage. It is value-for-money with incremental advantage.

Other key benefits include, keeping management informed and up-to-date about how IT resources are actually being used, safeguard an organization’s private data and optimize their business processes.

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